Duralite® Spacer System

As an industry leading manufacturer of residential replacement windows, we take pride in our tradition of continuous innovation. Through the utilization of our Duralite warm-edge spacer system, we continue to shape the evolution of the replacement window industry through the development of next-generation, high-performance products.

The non-conductive, Duralite single-seal design is 88% less conductive than metal spacers and is preassembled with an air-filled polycarbonate shim, butyl sealant, three-sided continuous moisture barrier, and desiccated topcoat. The non-metal pieces are then constructed using a unique composite laminating technology that results in consistent, longterm performance.

Duralite spacers optimize the performance of our complete line of high quality replacement windows and will add value and comfort to any home renovation project. Windows utilizing this unique warm-edge spacer system feature:

  • Enhanced comfort & thermal performance
  • Improved argon gas retention
  • Reduced condensation



chart of amount of metal used by products



Inefficient windows transfer warm air out of your home in the winter and into your home in the summer. This reduces interior comfort while unnecessarily straining your HVAC equipment and increasing your energy costs. Windows built with our Duralite spacer system reduce air transfer, resulting in more comfortable and energy-efficient homes.



chart of argon retention

The Duralite spacer system features a number of high-performance components that provide enhanced argon retention. The spacer utilizes one of the industry’s best argon-resistant adhesives, so the energy-saving gas stays inside the insulated glass unit longer to help reduce overall energy consumption.



components of a window

Condensation build-up in windows is most often the result of a poorly sealed insulated glass unit. Condensation can obstruct views, reduce natural lighting, and increase the risk of mold formation. IGU’s built with our Duralite spacer system reduce the likelihood for condensation formation, allowing you to Experience Clarity.



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